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dougherPatrick Dougher

Patrick is the Host of the TV show, “The Business Spotlight”, where he interviews business “celebrities” in the North Texas area at his studio. In the course of his interviews he uncovers their business successes and how they made their claim to fame. Even if you are not sure your story is interesting, Patrick loves to help create an interesting one for your business.

Patrick has over 20 years in professional selling experience, 10 years directing a self-improvement seminar called “The Road Adventure”, a year with Zig Ziglar as one of his DFW presenters, 2 years as Director for Dan Kennedy’s DFW Insider Circle Groups and formed/ran several Mastermind groups. His passion is helping others reach their potential. Zig Ziglar always says “You can have anything you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”